Lottie Hearn. Press Play Presentations

Gaye’s knowledge & understanding of food is breath taking! More importantly, she explains the conflicting & confusing messages about food in a way that makes real sense. She works with you to help you figure out the best way for you to eat healthily. I found her advice to be both practical & useful & will make a real difference to my future health& wellbeing.
Iseult O’Doherty. Training Manager Carr Communications.

I have worked with Gaye on my more complicated patients including those with IBS that have not responded to medical therapy and each time the patient has returned smiling. With her knowledge of food, her cheery disposition and her practical approach she has helped these patients eliminate their symptoms. She has also been fantastic in weight management and bringing down cholesterol to normal levels through dietary modifications. Her meal plans and ideas are really useful to the patients and I am delighted to recommend her any chance I get.
Dr. Mona Sayegh G.P. Custom House Medical Centre I.F.S.C.

Because we often deal with complicated cases of allergy and intolerances, Gaye’s expertise is invaluable in giving the patient the necessary and concise information that they require. Gaye is remarkably knowledgeable in all aspects of nutrition. Her knowledge is astonishing and I find conversations with her to be a unique learning experience. If only more patients were blessed with the chance to have Gaye’s input into any medically necessary dietary intervention, whether young or old.
Dr Ranbir Kaulsay MD, FACAAI Consultant Medical Allergist. Beacon Allergy Clinic

Gaye has extensive knowledge & provides evidence-based integrative medical nutritional therapy to Clients with a broad range of illnesses. She is most professional yet her passion for her subject is evident in her approach and her enthusiasm she has for her Clients is refreshing to see.
Dr. Claire O’Driscoll. G.P.

Gaye completed a 3 year Neuro Linguistic Programming behavioural therapy course under my supervision. During her NLP training she impressed me with her grasp of the human condition. She appreciates the importance of behavioural therapy to assist people change unproductive behaviours. She brings a fresh approach and insight to nutritional intervention. Her communication skills are exceptional and most influential. She excels in this area and instils and inspires people to do something about their situation.
Ken Bowbrick Psychotherapist, Counsellor M.I.A.C.P certified NLP trainer B.S.C.M.E.H.

One of the major reasons why people are so interested in the idea of home-grown vegetables is that they are worried about their health and concerned about the nutritional quality of the food available from the food chain. At Grow it Yourself Ireland we believe that there are major nutritional benefits associated with growing your own food and we believe we have a role to play in educating people about these benefits. It’s very important to us to have evidence-based information available about the additional benefits of home-grown food. In presenting this information to audiences it’s also vital to us to have a speaker that is passionate as well as informative, inspiring as well as professional. Gaye has been excellent from that perspective and we thank her for her help at GIY events this year.
Michael Kelly, Author and Founder of GIY (Grow it Yourself).

Education on healthy eating is an important part of our school. Gaye gave a presentation to the students on healthy eating. She explored the facts associated with healthy and unhealthy eating in an interesting and stimulating manner. She is passionate about her subject and got a great response from the students. Eating disorders among teenage girls are a concern so it is important that a healthy, realistic and informative approach to diet is part of any education programme about food. Gaye’s presentation ticked all the boxes.
Catherine Cavanagh, Principal Santa Sabina Dominican College Sutton Dublin

Thanks a million Gaye, the staff response to your talk was terrific; there has been a huge change here. The healthier options are now to the fore. Your insight and advice was excellent & so well delivered. Thanks again Gaye, you were great!
Paddy Lonergan, Manager. Bank of Ireland. Swords.

I have been most impressed by her deep knowledge of nutrition and its association with chronic disease. She takes the time to listen and support her Clients. Her ability to build rapport and focus on the individual’s needs is fantastic. She is a lady of great integrity. Gaye keeps herself updated with the most current developments in the field of nutritional science and healthcare.
Dr. Gabriel Fitzpatrick. MB. BAO. Bch. BST. MPH

Gaye visited our school & spoke to 300 children. She highlighted the importance of good food & nutrition at an age appropriate level. The girls loved the role play and display of healthy options. Gaye had a captive audience due to her excellent communication skills & her practical common sense approach.
Many thanks Gaye – Margaret O’Neill Principal.

Gaye has provided the most influential and researched documented advice to the McCabes pharmacy group in the area of nutrition. Gaye has inspired me and the dispensary teams with her widespread knowledge on the importance of diet and lifestyle change to bring about a change in the public attitude to good health. We have relayed her advice to our customers and in some cases they have found it life changing. Gaye is an expert in her area and has written and contributed to many article in the pharmacy magazines.
Marese O’Brien, Supervising Pharmacist McCabes Pharmacies.

Gaye spent two days with myself and our employees discussing, food, diets and positive lifestyle and the feedback from everyone was that the two days on this topic where the most exciting sessions our people have ever experienced. Her knowledge and enthusiasm for nutritional advice are superb and she came across very clear with full and clear explanations. We all participated in intense conversations and Gaye addressed all concerns raised. The impact of these sessions has been immediate. I really do look forward to more of these sessions in the coming months as I really feel the lifestyle and behavioural ideas Gaye provides are invaluable to all of our well being.
Ray Kavanagh, Gerneral Manager – Amphenol Backplane and Systems Integration Unit (Div Amphenol Corp)

We were taken aback by the breadth of nutritional knowledge Gaye brought to the initiative. The kids were fully engaged and they were completely absorbed by the content. Gaye grabbed the idea and ran with it. The programme was a roaring success.
Many thanks Gaye- Tristan King. Danone Schools Healthy Eating Initiative Co-Coordinator

"I attended a few consultations with Gaye. Her knowledge of food was fascinating and she helped me figure out what foods I should be eating and the ones to avoid. I learned so much about food and find it so interesting. I have completely changed my diet and feel so much healthier. I recommend everyone should attend a Nutritionist at some stage in their life. Thanks a mil Gaye"
Louise Power

"As a person very interested in maintaining the highest levels of health, I hired Gaye Godkin for a personal health and nutrition consultation. She shows an unmatched depth of knowledge about nutrition and health. She is thorough and highly personable in her way of working with clients. She was detailed and professional in her delivery. She has the most up-to-date information and knowledge about what a highly demanding schedule requires from a nutrition perspective. Gaye can bring so much to any individual or company that wants to raise the bar in performance by looking at how people take care of themselves nutritionally and from an exercise point of view. I have attended her talks on nutrition, She is an excellent speaker and has delivered some high-calibre, practical talks on living a healthier way with some adjustments to your food intake and exercise regine. If you value your health, invest in a consultation with Gaye, she can look at any area of your health where you would like to be operating at a higher level. A terrific, valuable experience! My energy levels are even higher than they were. Thank you Gaye"
Shiera O’Brien

I haven't looked at food the same way since going to see Gaye. Now I have much more appreciation for what I'm eating and drinking. She has an excellent way of explaining things without using jargon. You will leave feeling happy and valued. I couldn't wait to get started on the changes Gaye made to my diet and 3 months after my 1st meeting with Gaye I feel better than ever.
Ciaran Russell

I used to think I ate quite healthily but is only since I started attending Gaye that I realised all the bad habits I had and how I underestimated how much diet affects every aspect of life. I had been treated with conventional medicine for my symptoms but since I took on board Gaye’s advice that I have seen a real difference to my health and quality of life. Gaye is thorough, professional, a great motivator and is genuinely interested in seeing you get results. I have no hesitation in recommending Gaye to anyone who wants to make a positive change in their health.
Claire Doran