Integrated wellness programme for Corporates

This integrated wellness programme is designed to reflect a comprehensive approach to health and wellness at work. It will address all lifestyle behaviours both positive and negative which are impacting on your workplace environment.

Presentations and seminars are tailored to suit the needs of your business.

Do you know the cost of absenteeism in your business? What are you doing to prevent this serious hidden cost to your business?

Chronic illness and chronic stress are epidemic in the Irish workplace.

According to the Irish Medical Organisation, chronic illness accounts for 70% of GP and hospital visits.

There are no quick solutions but this model of integrated wellness programme works. It highlights and provides the necessary real-time intervention in response to the lifestyle driven epidemic of chronic illness and chronic toxic stress in the workplace. This will make a substantial difference to your most valuable asset – your staff.

You have the opportunity to make a significant difference to those who work for you, a difference that you will see and feel in your daily working environment. Happy healthy and productive staff are a pleasure to work with. Research in the area of wellness programmes in the workplace has shown an excellent return on investment.

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